Prison break season 5 episode 5 – Contingency

Lincoln forces Michael to reveal the truth: Michael was contacted by Poseidon before his wedding with Sara; Poseidon revealed that Kellerman did not have any authority to exonerate Michael’s team, offering legitimate exonerations in exchange for Michael faking his death, keeping the truth hidden from everyone and working for Poseidon, accepted by Michael. While Lincoln offers going to the airport and rendezvousing with C-Note’s party, Michael decides to use the train station to leave Yemen. Cyclops deduces Michael’s plan and takes ISIL, intercepting Michael’s party, who escape to a facility where Ja ambushes ISIL. They escape the building; but Sid is killed by Cyclops, whom the team locks and proceeds to the airport. Meanwhile, C-Note’s party arrives at the airport before ISIL attacks. C-Note and Sheba save a pilot, who agrees to fly them abroad. They board a plane; but the pilot decides to fly before Michael’s party arrives, which Lincoln approves of on the phone. C-Note’s party takes off while Michael’s is chased by ISIL. In the meantime, T-Bag shows the pictures to Sara, who confronts Jacob, who later proves his benevolence to her by having A&W and Van Gogh arrested.

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